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Working with Anaconda Python

Hello Techies, This is a new post for you to knowing about downloading and installing and working with Anaconda distribution. I hope you all are very excited to read this blog post and please give me your golden feedback to encourage my blogging skills.

Downloading and Installing Anaconda Distribution.

Firstly you must know that Why you download and install Anaconda Python Distribution?

  1. It is open source and free.
  2. Easily available on Internet.
  3. It installed with preloaded many Python Packages like Editor, Some additional libraries (more than 100 libraries), Along with Python interpreter.
  4. Very easy to load packages and libraries. It makes package handling much easier.

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Now Download Anaconda on you system by following these steps–:

i). Firstly select Platform (Windows/ Linux/ mac) and then download desired Python version.

ii). You download Anaconda distribution from the link .

Anaconda is an open source Python data discovery and analytics platform. You can work in it in both interactive and script modes.

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After downloading, installing Anaconda is very easy. Just run the downloaded installer and follow the instructions.

After installing Anaconda distribution, you can run the installed Python distribution from the start menu. To run anaconda distribution’s GUI features, launch Anaconda Navigator from the start menu.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Anaconda Navigator will show you the list of installed packages. Click on desired one to launch it.

Let us learn how to work with Jupyter  Notebook and Spyder.

Working in Jupyter Notebook (Anaconda)

Jupyter Notebook is an open source web application that allows users to create and share documents containing equations, and narrative text and etc.

You need to first launch it by using Anaconda navigator and follow these instructions 👉

1. Launch Anaconda navigator from start menu.

2. From the navigator window click on launch below Jupyter notebook title.

Launch Jupyter Notebook from Anaconda Navigator.

3. Jupiter notebook is a web based computing environment, it will be launched in web browser. Now your web browser will show you notebook dashboard.

4. On the notebook dashboard, click at down-arrow next to New button and select Python 3 to create a notebook for executing Python 3.x code.

In a new tab, it will open a new notebook where you can write and run your code.

Working in Interactive Mode (Jupyter Notebook)

For running Python code in interactive mode type code in code cell and click Run.

Working in Script Mode (Jupyter Notebook)

1.Write a code of Python script- a group of Python commands- in a code cell.

2. Now click on its name to give it a name.

3. Click on Save icon to save it. Then click Run to run your script.

Note:-- To create a new notebook use command file→New notebook. 

Working in Spyder IDE (Anaconda)

Spyder is a scientific programing software.
Spyder is the Scientific Python development Environment. It is a free 
IDE that is included with Anaconda.
It includes Editing, Interactive testing and etc.

To launch Spyder IDE:

  • Launch Anaconda Navigator.
  • Then Click on Spyder title.
  • Alternatively, you can directly click at Start button →Program →Anaconda(folder name) →Spyder.

Spyder IDE Interface

Once the Spyder is loaded you can see this interface→→

IPython Console -: The  IPython Console takes command in front of In[ ] prompt and often shows output with Out( ) lines.

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Working in Interactive Mode (Spyder IDE)

For working in Interactive Mode in a Spyder IDE type your command(s) in the IPython console Pane of spider window. It will give the output below the command.

Working in Script Mode (Spyder IDE)

For working in script mode in a Spyder IDE, type your commands in the editor pane.

  • To start a new script file, click File→ New File.
  • To save current script, use command File→Save or File→Save As.
  • Python scripts have File extension as .py .
  • Please make sure to select file type as Python Files.

When you typed the your script and save it, then you can run your script by:

  • Clicking at Run icon on the toolbar, Or
  • By clicking at Run→Run command, Or
  • By pressing shortcut F5

Last words-:

Hhh!! Sooo today we all learnt different ways of working in Python. It’s enough for today, I’ll meet you all soon with my new blog post till then take care and keep learning.

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