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Connection-Oriented Example in Pictorial Form -Bittu Tech

connection-oriented vs connection less services

Click onto the topic and read the full article about Connection-oriented and Connection-less services.

What-is-an- Ethernet-frame- Definition-,- structure-,-and- variants

What is an Ethernet frame? Definition, structure, and variants

As we know that, Ethernet Frames Format is designed in 7 major steps and each layer plays an important and different role from others. Now Today, Ethernet Cable comes in various sizes and quality that depends upon your cost.


what is DNS? and what is the use of DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. it sounds as it is the same. it is a type of mechanism to convert a numeric IP addresses to alphabetical(readable) naming. if we said that a company website address is and its DNS name is so what will be the easiest thing for you to remember. 

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