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How to Record WhatsApp Video Call in an Android mobile phone?.

Hey!!! My all dear Visitors, again, your most welcome in this domain( Today is again the day of lockdown in India due to Covid-19. It means, we have again enough time to enhance our skills(positive thinking). I am glad to say that, I am writing this blog article a very long duration after the previous one.

So Today, we gonna know something new about WhatsApp Video Calls. Today, we will learn How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on our phones?

Sometimes, we have seen that several Video Conferencing is necessary to record for future evidence, or Sometimes, screen recording is necessary for entertainment purposes. So at that time, we have 2 choices to record the screen’s content. Those choices have explained below-

  • First is-: Enable your phone’s pre-installed screen recorder along with by default high-resolution videos.
  • The second is-: Take another phone and record the screen through other’s mobile video recorder.

Note-: But, These above methods have been too old, and now, we will never use these methods again. Despite these methods, we can use another and best method to record the video calls as well as screen recording with very low quality or low storage consumption.

We know that our mobile phone has also a built-in screen recorder, but it captures very high quality (high resolution) screen recording, and no customize option present in it. So, we can use the best third-party app for better screen recording with customizing resolution instead of that.

Third-Party Android App
Screen Recorder, Video Recorder, V Recorder Editor


This is the best Screen recorder for any type of video, games, and picture recording as well as video calling or conferencing with customizable resolution.

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