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What is the Multiplexing technique: Computer Networking Concept

Definition-: Multiplexing is a technique to perform multiple conversations over the network through a single physical medium. For example- On television, multiple channels exist, but we can see only a single channel at a time through a single dish cable.

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This is the new interesting article for you to learn about a network concept – multiplexing. This article is for those who are in the IT field. Multiplexing is necessary on where multiple frames over different network paths are arriving and combining all frames and received as a single message at the destination machine.

What is Multiplexing?

Channels are often shared by multiple signals. After all, it is much more convenient to use a single wire to carry several signals than to install a wire for every signal. This kind of sharing is called “Multiplexing“. It can be accomplished in several different ways, such as time, frequency, and code division multiplexing.

What is De-Multiplexing?

De-Multipexing is just opposite process of Multiplexing. It is a technique to send single channel for different receiver or more than one receiver.

Note-: Any device that performs the process of multiplexing is known as Multiplexer, and that performs the process of de-multiplexing is known as De-Multiplexer.

Diagram of multiplexing & de-multiplexing

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