Tricks and Tips for android Users

This is a section to Android Users for learning Android  aspects and enhancing their technical ability for Android OS. Instead of this, various tricks and tips are mentioned in the below that you need to know about this if you are techie guy.

Top 10 Facebook Lite Tips/Tricks for Android Users

 Facebook Lite App to consume less internet data and mobile storage space for also use in non-android smartphones and in less storage devices.

Turn Your Smartphone into Wi-Fi Extender/Repeater

You can use your Android Phone as Wi-Fi Extender when you want to extend your wi-fi signal coverage area. you can also share your extended wi-fi with others.

How to view your notification history on Android mobiles

How to get/retrieve your lost notifications on an android device? Trust me, this is a very simple trick for Android users.

How to Hack Android webcam & microphone

Hack Someone’s Phone Camera Remotely has become much more easier via LAN or WAN using android application. which is also available on the Play Store.

How to install any Linux Distro on your android device without root

Linux OS distribution has become more responsive and powerful, you can install Linux OS on your android device without rooting.

[Instagram Hack]HiddenEye -Hacking -Instagram-With -Kali-Linux-2020
How to Hack Instagram Account using HiddenEye Tool

How to hack Instagram with Kali Linux using HiddenEye Tool, Only for education purposes. Creating Instagram Phishing Page using HiddenEye Tool.

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