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First Windows Phone || History of First Windows Phone

First thing, We all know that Windows Mobile Marketing is not just running better than Android, iOS. But still, Windows has its own great achievements. First Windows Phone has more advanced technologies that are used in other Windows Phones. Today’s Post will show you when First Windows Phone launch & what is the main reason behind this??

Before move on to the main part of this article, we want to tell you that the First windows phone was not only based on a single phone. (Don’t worry about this. I will discuss in below part).

So Let’s Start, Microsoft has its own motive. which is that Microsoft doesn’t focus on mobile only focuses on (say window, office, servers and services, etc). It grew gradually and became the most endearing OS now(Windows).

What is First Windows Phone and who was the manufacturer of first windows phone?

For all those, who do not know ‘Window Phone’ is a family of mobile OS developed by Microsoft.

Windows Phone 7 was the first version or first release, released on October 21, 2010. Although Microsoft unveiled this OS at the mobile world Congress on February 15, 2010. The Final SDK was made available in September 2010.

Behind the Reason

Microsoft announced almost 10 launch devices for Windows Phone 7 made by multiple manufacturers namely (HTC, Dell, Samsung, and LG). So that’s why we cannot name single devices as the first windows phone. The sales of these devices began on October 21, 2010. Many Other manufacturers in partnership with Microsoft after the release of Windows Phone 7’s revision called ‘Mango’.

List of Windows Phone 7 devices

Product Name

Release Date

LG Optimus 7

October 2010

HTC Trophy

October 2010

Dell Venue Pro

November 2010

Samsung Omnia 7

October 2010

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