You are currently viewing PHP Tutorial: Entering in PHP for beginners

PHP Tutorial: Entering in PHP for beginners

Hello PHP developers, your most welcome in this PHP post. we all know that PHP has become a very popular language for web developers to develop a Web Application. However, other languages also exist, when we want to create or develop a Web Application. But, PHP is the easiest server-side language to learn & develop a web application. I’ll recommend that you should learn PHP programming first as server-side scripting. So now, In Today’s Post, We are going to learn How to Enter in PHP?, How to create a First PHP Page?, Running your First PHP Program? and we will see many more interesting things in this post?

PHP Web Development Tutorial

What is the PHP Programming Language?

PHP Programming Language is server-side programming or scripting language that runs with the help of any Servers. In other words, PHP programming language communicates only with the server, and the server’s compiler or interpreter changes the written script into machine language, that can not possible without the server environment.

Origin of PHP Programming Language?

The Origin of PHP Programming Language was very clearer than other programming languages. Sir Rasmus wanted a way of logging who was looking at his online resume. (Wait!!! do you know??? who is Rasmus Lerdorf?)

Answer is – Rasmus Lerdorf is danish-canadian programmer and founder of PHP Programming language. it was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP got such a good reputation that by 1995 it was available for use by other people, and the PHP revolution was underway.

PHP at that time was called Personal Home Page or Personal Home Page Tools. At that time, as you might expect, PHP was very simple, and could be used to create web page hit counters, guest books, and the like. The 1995 version of PHP was called PHP/FI version 2(FI was an HTML Form reader package, also written by Rasmus).

Overview of PHP (Pre-Processor Hyper Text PHP)

This section is for an overview of PHP, a server-side programming language. we can also know more details about PHP.

  1. PHP stands for – “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”.
  2. PHP is also known as – “Personal Home Page”.
  3. PHP is a server-side programming language.
  4. PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.
  5. Rasmus added support for interfacing with Mini SQL(mSQL).

Note-: Idea behind PHP: being able to do some easy programming on the Web Server, creating everything from online databases to guest books, from customers schedulers to chat rooms, from file uploading tools to shopping carts. It’s all possible with PHP.

PHP/FI started growing at an astonishing rate as more people contributed code to it. There was a real need for an easy Web server programming language then, and the number of PHP pages just kept growing. In 1996, PHP/FI was already being used by about 15,000 web pages. In 1997, that number grew to more than 50,000.

Advantages of PHP

PHP has become more popular now days, we can not compare other with it. It has great and meaningful advantages, that we all need to know –

  1. PHP is a loosely-type language, which means, one type of variable you declared, got the various type of result on your PHP page. In other words, you can declare a variable for integer, but you can use it anywhere to represent the character, string, fraction values, as well as integers, e.t.c.
  2. By the arrival of PHP, several tasks are easily handled or solved, because PHP is an object-oriented programming language. you can make the desired object and use it anywhere to accomplish the task that you want to do it.
  3. The creation of multiple or heterogeneous types of objects is the divine thing for programmers to easily give instruction to the machine.
  4. Object-Oriented programs are the level of plus one towards the HLLs(High-level Languages).
  5. All work may possible with PHP, it means, everything that you seeing on the web, you can do that with PHP programs, from file or form uploading to manage the inventory database with PHP programs. All things will be done with your PHP Script.

Last words-: That’s it for now. we are going to stop the writing of this article for now. Today, we have been learned – what is PHP?, Introduction of PHP?, Advantages of PHP?

Next PHP blog, we will see that How to create PHP page or writing the first PHP Program?

Next PHP article coming soon….. you can check the category of PHP or join us on the social network to get the latest update.

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