Required Platforms to run HTML Codes :

Before go ahead, we must have two important platforms to create & run HTML Files.

  • 1. First is Text Editor.
  • 2. Second is Internet Browser.

So , First we will work on Text Editor.

Step 1.

Create a Text File.

Step 2.

Rename Your Text File as filename.html or filename.htm (.html or .htm is your file extensions).

Example :- 

File Name :


Step 3 :-

Open your file with Notepad.

Step 4 :-

Insert the Text :

Write Some Tags with text into this File. Tags are written in below.

  1. <HTML>
  2. <HEAD>
  3. <TITLE>
  5. </TITLE>
  6. </HEAD>
  7. <BODY>
  9. </BODY>
  10. </HTML>

Don’t Worry about these tags , we will discuss later.

Step 5 :- Save your file again by pressing Key (Ctrl + S)

Step 6 :- double click on Your File or open your file with any browser.

Step 7 :- Output will be displayed on Your Web Browser.

    Okk. You have Become a Web Designer. Let’s go ahead on Next Topic.

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