HTML Works As Web Application Structure :-

First We have to know About HTML Tags.

HTML Tags:-

HTML tags are a set of Characters that are surrounded by symbols.HTML Tags make up your site effective.  By the Help of HTML Tags, We can provide a structure of Web Page that shows on the Internet Browser.

Syntax :-  <tagname>Content</tagname>

This <Tagname> is the Open tag Indication.

This  </Tagname> is the close tag Indication.

This (Content) is the content on which Tags and its properties will apply.

Example :-  <b>Prajjwal</b>.

Output :-   Prajjwal content will show on browser window as Bold Words.

That Means:-  All Characters in Prajjwal will show as Bold Characters. Tags doesn’t show on Browser until some characters are misspelled.

 we have known about HTML Tags.

So now , we will know about HTML works as a web Application Structure.

Create  a Web Structure :- 

Collection of Some Tags  provide to us a well Web structure to use Web Content efficiently.

We will be discussing about All HTML Tags in a next of the next Page.

First Tag { <HTML> or <html> }is used to create your First Building Block of your web Page.

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